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Our Passion

Artisanally Crafting Guiltless Pleasures
Since 2018

Kula Nola started with a simple mission - to preserve the essence of Nature in products that provide nourishment and exuberant seasonal flavours. This mission was a direct call to action from a growing demand for wholesome goods in a an ever-expanding food industry where nutrition is often compromised. Food for human consumption continues to evolve as ingredients become more processed and modes of production advance - we prefer to keep things a bit simpler. 

Our solution is to draw inspiration from Nature while limiting human intervention. When processing is limited, pure, real-food ingredients are allowed to shine. Our ingredients tell their own story through responsible sourcing and minimal processing practices to preserve nutritional integrity. We employ real hands to work with small batches ensuring every product is made with care and quality. We offer no-nonsense, wholesome products that satisfy the most sinful cravings - just without the guilt!

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